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There is nothing I love more than getting in the gym with a few friends and just smashing it up.

Lots of my clients currently come to the gym as part of a small group and enjoy all of the benefits of personal training alongside group training benefits-


Session cost is split between the group on a sliding scale, the more people the less you each pay.


The biggest stumbling block to achieving health and fitness goals is simply not sticking to the programme. When a part of a group adherence is much higher on the basis of not wanting to let anyone down.


A big part of the group sessions is the social side, weekly catch ups while training, having a laugh and being relaxed in a comfortable setting really does help you to get the most out of your training.


Generally in an unofficial and friendly format, competition helps you to get the most out of your training. Seeing other members of the group achieve certain weight losses or strength gains really spurs you on to achieve your goals. There is also an "us versus the group goal, lets smash this together!" mentality.

Support Group

All of the groups form a bit of a tribe/team feel to them and with the associated WhatsApp group a sense of support is developed.

Group of 2 - £40 per hour session
3 - £45
4 - £50
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