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Already got a gym membership but you feel you need some help to get the most out of your membership.

If you have a decent understanding of exercises and training but you need that extra kick to take it to the next level this is for you.


This online programme is specific to your current levels and goals and offers 2-5 sessions per week for you to follow with 24/7 support. This is all done remotely. Nutrition and goal setting also optional.

Start at £20 per month


What is your health and fitness dream?

  • Improve power for rugby

  • Be able to run for 20 minutes without stopping

  • Lose some weight

  • Pack on some muscle

  • Improve marathon time...


Whatever your dream may be The Way can help to turn it into an achieveable goal and facilitate its completion. With The Way's knowledge, experience and facility, along with your hard work and dedication, anything is possible.


The Performance Way is ideal for sporting teams, small groups with similar aims and individuals with a specific performance related goal.


The Performance Way caters for teams and groups wanting to improve teamwork, leadership and motivation using:

  • military fitness exercises

  • battle PT

  • command tasks

  • conflict resolution

  • team challenges




Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) has fast become hugely popular and people from all walks of life now participate.


The most striking thing for myself when I line up on the start line is the obvious spectrum of participant's fitness levels ranging from the elite down to those who will do very well to complete it. Wherever you are on this spectrum, training and preparation is required.


For the first timers and those who might struggle, some familiarity training, advice and general fitness will be appropriate. 


For those in or towards the elite group it may be a case of ironing out specific weaknesses alongside some crushing sessions.

Whatever your fitness level, OCR experience and goal, The Obstacle Way will improve your OCR performance.

tough guy ocr
dirty rotten scramble ocr
spartan race ocr
Bowdon HC Military fitness day
"I signed up for this Mud Run and I'm not quite sure what I've let myself in for... might need to do a bit of training!"
"Top 100 in my last Muddy Mucker, with some specific training I could definitely make the top 50."
dirty rotten scramble ocr


I find that some of the biggest barriers to exercise are time and child care. The whole getting to the gym, getting home, sorting out a babysitter or waiting until your partner is home can really cause a headache you just don't feel is worth it. Convenience is needed.


If this applies to you, The Take A Way is your obvious and easy solution. I come to you at a time that is convenient for you and deliver a fitness session in your garden, living room, driveway etc.

Your baby sleeps 0930-1030 giving you the perfect training window but you can't just leave them and go out to the gym - The Take A Way

Getting in from a busy days work and want a convenient training session that you, your partner and even your children can perform together - The Take A Way

Replace your pizza and kebabs with a Take A Way !!

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