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private gym facility - heswall

The Way is a private gym facility in Heswall, Wirral offering top class 1 to 1 personal training, group training sessions and online health and fitness packages..

  • Want to train but not quite sure what you are doing?

  • Not got the confidence to go to a conventional gym?

  • Fancy training in a close knit group of friends where you can experience the same challenges, improvements and achievements together?

  • Want to be trained by a personal trainer with over a decade of fitness instruction and experience?

  • Want to train in a private setting?

... sounds like you want to be part of The Way.

The Way's health philosophy is based on specific training relative to your current level, sound nutrition and education.


This is a journey of eradication, education, replacement and discovery:

  • Slowly eradicating bad habits that are causing health and wellbeing issues.

  • Education so you can take ownership of your decision making and know the correct path to take.

  • Replacing bad habits with good ones and making them stick.

  • Discovering a new you. Motivated. Energized. Lean. Fit.

All of this can be delivered in a way that best suits you:

  1. Personal Training through one of my Face 2 Face Packages.

  2. Hybird - Online Health and Fitness Package with 2 x face to face per month.

  3. Fully Online Health and Fitness Package.

personal trainer wirral
personal trainer wirral



One to One Personal Training

Weight loss, stress reduction, increased energy, motivation, fitness improvement. A holistic approach to health and well-being. See the different Personal Training packages available, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Group Training

As above, tailored for groups of 2 to 6.

Online Health & Fitness Package

Already got a gym membership but you are going through the motions and not really getting the most out of your membership. This online personal training programme is specific to your current levels with 24/7 support. This is all done remotely (no need to physically visit my facility) from anywhere in the world. A holistic approach to health and well-being.

Team Strength & Conditioning

I have many years experience in the sports team environment, from growing up in and amongst a professional team to being the S&C coach for football and hockey teams. I can offer one off or longer commitments to sports teams fitness needs.

Specific Training

If you or your team have a specific goal, event or situation you may want a tailored training programme. This may include online training and at home training.

Team Building Days

Military based teamwork days aimed at developing your strengths, addressing your weaknesses and motivating your people, Half or full days available. Bring outdoor shoes.  

The Nutrition Way

Alongside all of the programmes there will be nutritional advice and menus to cater for your goals. For full nutritional guidance and planning see the online health and fitness programming packages..

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